IROG promotes National Bully Prevention Month at Sto Tomas Elem & High School


Often, we don’t realize how powerful our actions are and how they can affect others. Everything we say or do has an impact on those around us.

Isabelita Rosueta Organization (#IROG) encouraged students to participate and promote the National Bullying Prevention Month last October – an awareness campaign spearheaded by TR Button Buddies and Rhemus Graphics to keep students of Sto. Tomas Elementary School safe from bullying. Spreading the word through button pins were distributed to the students to inspire everyone to help create a community without bullying.


Many thanks for the assistance and continued support from:

Sir Angelito D. Sinfuego, Principal; Ma’am Maribel B. Alib, Ma’am Florida O. Pantilon and Sir Rey Borlaza (Grade V Teachers); Ma’am Zenia S. Velasco and Sir Jake Concepcion (Grade VI Teachers)


And to Marjie Myrtle Marmito for the awesome button pin designs! Racquel Tuazon, Riselle Cha Tuazon Asuncion and Charmaine Rose Barredo Gallaron for the student engagement and conversation to educate, inspire and support!

Before you say or do something, think about how you might make others feel.  Spread kindness, spread LOVE.


We would like to Take a Stand, Lend a Hand for We Rise by Lifting Others.


IROG Sponsors the Most Joyful Game in Town: Gift-Giving

IROG Sponsors the Most Joyful Game in Town_3

For 4 consecutive years, every 16th of September, IROG is consistently donating baby needs to the newly born at San Marcelino Hospital in Zambales in memory of the chairperson’s late husband, Joel Castillo.

What does the cool gentle breeze of the Brrr-months bring to mind? Well, aside from the need to bring out one’s thick blankets and sporty jackets, what else but thoughts of endless partying among relatives and friends (yes, we are referring to that Filipino penchant for year-long and, more so, year-end festivities) until and beyond the onset of the New Year. More specifically, we refer to the happiest blessing of receiving and giving gifts.

Be it as small as a keychain, or a Bluetooth speaker, or as generous as a karaoke machine (a car will do, too), the joy that gifts bring is both a product of an act of faith and love as well as a childhood-bred instinct that is almost as essential as breathing itself. And so, we need to give and to receive as often as we inhale and exhale in order to remain truly healthy.

No other group understands this principle as intimately as IROG does. IROG (Isabelita Rosueta Organization) once more looks forward to its Annual Gift-giving Activity this year, its members get busy setting the ground for another opportunity to bring joy and cheer to the families who need caring and attention.

IROG Sponsors the Most Joyful Game in Town

In the past, IROG extended help to the mothers and their newborn babies in San Marcelino Hospital. Every 16th of September, infants received a bag of essential baby needs, such as diapers, feeding bottles and some baby dresses, along with baby mattress pads and pillows. The happiness felt by the nursing mothers was shared equally by IROG gift-givers as they saw the smiles and felt the warm gratitude of the recipients. When we selflessly and cheerfully give to a baby who is the best gift from Heaven to the world, for we were all once babies and new life-bearers, we actually give to ourselves. For only then can the Giver of Life find us worthy to have received precious life. For when giving ends, life ends as well.

Aside from giving gifts to mothers and their babies, IROG has also sponsored school gift-giving events at Sto. Tomas Elementary School, Subic, Zambales from the very start of its operations as a socially-oriented foundation. Giving is, in a way, the game and the winners are both the giver and the recipient. Hence, nobody loses in this game!

Spearheading this awaited annual event is the kindhearted and dynamic IROG chairperson, who along with her late husband, Joel, believes in the maxim that “no matter what life brings you, keep on moving forward and stay positive”. IROG throbs and thrives because its corporate soul has both seen and experienced life at its best and worst phases and, in the process, nurtured a living common spirit that seeks to face life with resolve and dedication to make every moment count as a blessing to be shared and cherished by all. And that means one’s family, friends, neighbors and others in the community. A family can only find meaning and security if it is truly connected to the community it finds itself in.

IROG continues to believe in many more good things to come for many people. Its small part in making people feel the good things in life will also usher in peace and multiply contentment in the blessings we all constantly receive from day-to-day.



Hakab na Olongapo 2018

Ibalik sa uso ang pagpapasuso

Hakab na Olongapo is on it’s 4th year of celebrating and educating mothers from Olongapo, Zambales and Bataan, the importance of breastfeeding.

Isabelita Rosueta (IROG) Foundation joined the activity last August 4, 2018 at Harbor Point Activity Center. Ready to assist the participants and be part in spreading knowledge about the significance of breastfeeding.


A total of 186 breastfeeding mothers participated in the said event and 170 babies were successfully breastfed.


To all the 486 attendees, this is another fruitful year of sharing and gathering for a beautiful purpose. Let’s all help in spreading the advocacy “Ibalik sa uso ang pagpapasuso”.